#365DOT Day 5: Dawnwatch


#365DOT is a blog feature at Dainty Damsel Stories. It features at least one thing, event, or person that I thank God for the next 365 days of 2013. :] If you're interested in joining, hop in! I'd love to hear your stories! :] Just link me back and leave a comment. :'] Yay! A blessed 2013 to everyone!

Today's Dawnwatch Service at our church will be forever embedded in my spirit. I thank God for this opportunity to gather with other worshipers and corporately encounter Him at the dawn of the day. It's not easy to carry a half-awaken self to church at 4 am, but it's worth it. The presence of God this morning was so thick and tangible I could touch it. 

There was one night last year that I cried to God and asked for my identity. At that moment I was at the season of brokenness. I felt so empty and broken. All self-confidence and self-esteem were lost. I felt my dreams slipping out of my hands. I no longer knew who I am. Today God gave me my long-awaited answer. I just knelt down and asked God, "How do you see me, Lord?" Before I knew it tears were streaming down my face because God encountered me at that place. He removed all doubts and walls around me. I knew then that God wants me to completely surrender and entrust everything to Him. No more pretensions. No more inhibitions. No more self-reliance. But more of JESUS. Only JESUS. He is more than enough. 

If there's a Dawnwatch Service at your local church, I highly encourage you to attend it. It's an open invitation to encounter God. :]

God bless you always! :']

laurice-with-love ♥


Rachel said...

I loved this story, although I don't go to church, this story touched me in some way :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. what a great experience! :D

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