#365DOT Day 1: Cousins


#365DOT is a blog feature at Dainty Damsel Stories. It features at least one thing, event, or person that I thank God for the next 365 days of 2013. :] If you're interested in joining, hop in! I'd love to hear your stories! :] Just link me back and leave a comment. :'] Wheeee! A blessed 2013 to everyone!

This photo was taken at the wake of my uncle Mike. Though it was a somber event for all of us, I still thank God because of the opportunity He has given me to bond with my cousins. I love my cousins! They're the best! We used to stay up all night playing truth or dare, UNO, and other things when we were kids. Now that we're grown-ups, I thank God because He continues to strengthen and deepen my relationship with them. :]

Wheee. 1 day down; 364 days to go! God bless you! :')

laurice-with-love ♥


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