#365DOT Day 10: 6:59 AM


#365DOT is a blog feature at Dainty Damsel Stories. It features at least one thing, event, or person that I thank God for the next 365 days of 2013. :] If you're interested in joining, hop in! I'd love to hear your stories! :] Just link me back and leave a comment. :'] Yay! A blessed 2013 to everyone!

At 6:59 a.m. it was a typical Thursday morning.
At 6:59 a.m. I was waiting in line at the MRT Station.
At 6:59 a.m. people were going about their usual lives. 
At 6:59 a.m. some were waiting for a cab; some, buses; and others, the MRT. 
At 6:59 a.m. a middle-aged woman in yellow and red was sweeping the streets of EDSA.
At 6:59 a.m. a passerby dropped a 20-Peso bill on the street.
At 6:59 a.m. a policeman saw the 20-Peso bill, but didn't know whose is it.
At 6:59 a.m. the policeman gave the 20-Peso bill to the street sweeper.
At 6:59 a.m. the street sweeper's face was brightened up with her heartfelt smile.
At 6:59 a.m. I took this photo to capture at least a glimpse of God's hand at work.
At 6:59 a.m. I thank God for allowing me to witness His sweet miracles.
At 6:59 a.m.....

At 6:59 a.m. the street sweeper could have stayed at home and left the garbage untouched. But she didn't. She sacrificed and cleaned other people's trash.
At 6:59 a.m. the policeman could have kept the 20-Peso bill to himself. But he didn't. He sacrificed and gave it to the street sweeper instead.
At 6:59 a.m. I could have observed other things. But I didn't. God made me see how He makes all things beautiful.
At 6:59 a.m....

God bless you! :')

laurice-with-love ♥


Sarah Johnson said...

That's a beautiful story, Laurice. It's so simple and I think that's why it touched me.

laurice-with-love said...

Thank you Sarah! :)

Book Bunny said...

I just awarded you a Liebster blog award :) http://bookbunnysreviews.blogspot.fi/2013/01/i-was-awarded-liebster-blog-award.html

Julianne Faith said...

Its a blessing that I got to meet you Laurice. Nice post. I'll try joining. :D


I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award

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