#365DOT Day 7: Quizzes


#365DOT is a blog feature at Dainty Damsel Stories. It features at least one thing, event, or person that I thank God for the next 365 days of 2013. :] If you're interested in joining, hop in! I'd love to hear your stories! :] Just link me back and leave a comment. :'] Yay! A blessed 2013 to everyone!

QUIZZES?! I'm thankful for quizzes?!! Yes. Apparently, I am. O:) 

Today I'm the happiest and most grateful girl on Earth because I had a quiz! :] This isn't really something I'm proud of, but I almost missed the quiz because of lack of discipline. I left home 10 minutes late from my calculated travel time and got stuck in traffic. When I reached the MRT Station, the line was unbelievably long! While on the train, I asked God's forgiveness and asked Him to increase my self-discipline. Jesus forgives! He is full of mercy and Grace. When I reached school 10 minutes passed bell time (we don't have a bell, though), the quiz has just started and I was able to take mine! :D Wheeee! Praise the Lord! :"> Thank You for Your Grace, Lord Jesus! :)

1. The Grace of Jesus Christ is rich and sufficient.
2. Do your part! Discipline yourself!
3. Learn from every mistake and practice what you learned. :)

Hope this helps! God bless us all! :D

laurice-with-love ♥


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