Book Review: Model Spy (5/5)



Title: Model Spy
Author: Shannon Greenland
Published: May 10, 2007
Publisher: Speak
Format: E-book
Pages: 224
Type: Series (The Specialists #1)
Bookshelves: ChickLit
Read: December 15, 2012
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 What can I say?

No, you're not mistaken. I give it a 5/5 without a doubt.

If you're looking for a hardcore action-packed series matched with heavy romance, this book is absolutely not for you. But don't get me wrong. Model Spy is definitely a must-read! It is light, funny, and sweet. Yes, innocently sweet. With all the rated-PG books nowadays, this book fits just perfect as a comic relief.

It actually reminds me of Charlie's Angels, but now with six undercover gifted minors ready to fight off some bad guys. The lead character is Kelly James, the 190 I.Q. bearer. She lost her parents in a plane crash when she was six. Never again did she ride on that flying human-transporter. For the next 10 years of her life, she transferred from one foster family to another. The recent one was in Iowa. Though only 16 years old, she's just one year away from college graduation. Talk about genius, huh? She's a computer freak! Yeah, she was able to hack into 9 levels of the US government's computer system for her crush--the really cute 18 year old--David. Little did she know that this was planned by IPNC to get her to join them.

She eventually joined IPNC and found a real family. A family of The Specialists. The characters are really loveable. :) I love T.L. so much. He's like Charlie, but a little more father-like. :) I love Bruiser, Mystic, Parrot, Beaker, and Wirenut, too! Yeah, they have cool names like that! Okay they're just code names, but they're cool right? I also love Chapling!!! Aww. He's the other computer geek that Kelly works with. He's so effortlessly funny and lovable. He hasn't walked out from his computer den for hmmm, 15 years (I forgot!)? FINALLY, I LOVE DAVID. He is so sweet! <3

After months of training, Kelly was sent to her first mission.Her mission was to save David's dad who was abducted 10 years ago by some dying terrorist. There's one problem though. She has to go undercover as a model and she's anything but a model. Sure she's pretty, but she isn't composed, confident, assertive. Kelly is a model's complete opposite.

Now that they're in the terrorist's premises, will Kelly keep her model secret identity? Or will she lead the group to trouble? Read this and you'll find out. :) I seriously hope I read this when I was about 14-16. I would totally recommend this to those teens/tweens out there. :) I know you'll have fun. I did! :)

Enjoy reading! :) God bless you! :)

Lessons I Learned

1. Value your family. You'll never know when you'll stay together as one.
Kelly lost her parents when she was six. David's dad was abducted when he was eight. All the rest of  the Specialists have no families to return to. I don't know what happened to their families, but I sure don't want to lose mine as such a young age like them. So let's all cherish the times we spend with our families. Love them! Care for them! Although they eat our freshly baked cakes and spaghetti. :)

2. Love your neighbors as much as you love yourself and your own family.
The Specialists have no families anymore, but they have each other. Love your friends because they make a great family. :) Remember, however, to find true friends. Friends that will lead you to the right path. :)

laurice-with-love <3
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