Tips: How to Stay Alive in School

Just got home from giving an inspirational message in our community high school. Here's the gist of what I'd originally like to say. :) (I got so nervous because I learned about my speech only a minute before I was called! So I practically wasn't able to say everything written down here, but here's the gist anyway. It's their EDUCATION WEEK.)

We often hear our parents say the proverb, "Education is the only treasure I can give you." Why do they always say that? Why doesn't it hit a nerve in our hearts? And what do they really mean by it? 
Here's what a a third year Integrated Marketing Communications student (that's me!) thinks about school:

Cherish your moments in school! It's not forever that you'll stay inside its four corners. 

As long as you're in there, you have all the time to develop yourself. Develop your skills! Hone your talents! Learn new things! It's the time to stretch yourself and be the person who God wanted you to be. It's the time to hone the gifts He has given you! You love dancing? Join the dance club! You love algebra? Oops. I mean, we all need algebra, right? Just be patient in every dreadful Math class. It pays to sit there and listen. Believe me.

Second, create good memories--memories that will you will carry outside its four corners. Memories that will strengthen you in times of your weakness. Memories that will encourage you in your toughest days. Memories that will inspire others to be the strong and resilient. Memories that you will pass on.

Finally, build relationships while your in school. Build relationships with people who will help you and guide you. Love your teachers! Someday, you'll thank them. No matter how enraged you are with all the requirements they give, I know someday you'll search for them just to say your sincerest, "THANK YOU." Build relationships with friends! Look for friends that will help you achieve your dreams--dreams that God has given you. It's hard to find true friends, but you'll eventually find them. :) God won't leave you abandoned and unloved, remember? :) And most importantly, build relationship with GOD. School is one of the toughest season of a man's life. You get to experience failure, difficulties, trials, piled-up readings and paperworks, deadlines (LOTS OF DEADLINES), and a whole lot more of ups and downs. It's the best season to be grounded and plugged in to our True Source of Wisdom and Strength. When you're in God, you'll never turn the wrong way.

Well, that's about it. Develop yourself. Create good memories. Build great relationships.
Value your education. Cherish your time in school. Learn and share it to the world.


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