Why did I bother adding one more blog to the millions available in the Internet? Guess why. :P

Let the writing begin

Finally! I can now start writing my blogs. Yey!

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Laurice. Err, not actually because... People who know me don't call me by my first first name. Instead, they use my second first name: Nicole (yeah, so you're wondering what's with the my-name-is-laurice thingy). Not that I don't want "Nicole." In fact I love it, but I have already spent 18 years of my life using it. Now let me give a chance to my first first name. Besides, hee hee... I like hearing myself called Laurice (okay, I get it. I won't hear you, but you still call me Laurice. You get my drift?)

Okay. Moving on. You're probably not wondering why I created this blog. Who would bother asking me if thousands, probably even millions, of blogs are created daily. Perhaps to blabber about their life, to write book reviews, to take note of their daily existence, to talk about their interests, to promote their online businesses, to share the Word of God, or what have you. As for me, I would probably squeeze all of these in my newly created blog. Err. Don't get me wrong. Believe me. I've heard about thesis statement more than half of my existence. The concept wherein one should only talk about ONE MAIN IDEA and everything one says should revolve around that one idea. (so why am I saying that I'll cram everything here?)

Before I answer that, let me tell you a story.
Once there was a young lady who went to a far away castle. There she learned a new language that she had never heard before. The young lady was beginning to learn this language until one day, she needed to return home. She was excited to go home and to share the new language that she learned. However, none of these people knew the new language. None of them spoke it. Day by day, what little she knew about the new language was slipping out of her memory. She could no longer remember the rules, the letters, and the pronunciation until she could not remember any of it all.
Sob.sob. That was my story. Well, not really. I mean, I didn't go to an unknown castle or something. It's just that I can see myself in the story (err, yeah. okay. I made it, but at least it got the point.). Anyway, I really have the same problem. It's not that I don't remember my second tongue, which is English by the way, but it's just that I'm really--really to the nth time--bad at it. Not to mention my 2-year straight awful English grades + the when-will-you-ever-learn red comments in all my papers + the can't-you-speak-in-English remarks on me. Great. What course was I taking up again? COMMUNICATION. Oh great. That's just so great. So before I go flanking all my major subjects, I decided to help myself through this blog! Isn't that sweet? You get to help a poor and helpless young lady like me. :">

Not so much of a thesis statement, though at least I have a purpose. hee hee. :""">

Just a few more lines...
*** If I happen to commit any grammatical error or something of the like, please feel free to correct me. This blog is essentially for the purpose of improving my writing skills and of course, sharing my melody of life to you.

Enjoy reading! I'm more than happy to share a part of my life to you! :)

Every minute you spend with someone gives them a part of your life and takes part of theirs.” 

God can always bring out the best in you! :)


Anonymous said...

Err. You don't seem to be so bad at it, Laurice. (Ahh! I think I'll be naming my kid that!) Ahem. Ignore my thoughts. Anyway, wherever I look on your site, your English is pretty much perfect and error-free! So that English teacher... Tch, probably did something wrong!

Oh. And lovely story. :)

Kim at snugglemybooks.wordpress.com

laurice-with-love said...

Hi Kim! >.< Sorry for the late reply. :D I'm so touched that you read this post! :D And I'm so thankful for your encouragement! :D And oh, I still get AWFUL RED MARKS! T.T But I'm thankful! :D It's part of growing :D

Oh! "LAURICE" would be a good name :) It means CONQUEROR. :D ;) :)

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