Book Review: What Kills Me


Title: What Kills Me
Author: Wynne Channing
Published: June 6, 2012
Publisher: Jet & Jack Press
Format: Ebook
Pages: 254
Type: Stand-alone
Bookshelves: YA Books, Paranormal Romance
Read: July 16-17, 2012

What can I say?

Brilliant! Thrilling! Breathtaking!

Honestly, these are understatements. They don't at all give justice to this noteworthy piece of literature! Let's use them nonetheless, for lack of a better term. 

When I was reading through its first chapters, I was surprised that it was Twilight-ish. To tell you frankly, I was disappointed--not that I didn't like Twilight (I actually did), but c'mon, we're looking for originality here. 

As with Twilight vampires, vampires here also drink blood (What was I thinking? Of course they do); their senses are intensified; they are completely destroyed through decapitation; and they are also affected by the sunlight, but that's where all the similarities end. It turns out Wynne Channing has a whole lot of BOLD, BRILLIANT, and BREATHTAKING ideas for us! 

One is Axelia (a.k.a. Zee). She's a seventeen-year-old Canadian who went to study in Rome only to never return home again. Poor Zee. The first time she violates a command she encounters death. She falls into a deep sacred well filled with the Ancients' blood--the first and the most powerful vampires--and dies. But Zee's existence doesn't stop there. When she wakes up, she's a beautiful, flawless, and powerful VAMPIRE. She's probably even more powerful than expected because the Ancients' blood runs through her veins. Her rebirth is unacceptable and unwanted, causing the Empress to summon the best of her army to go after her and all those who try to help her. They believe that she's the one in the prophecy: a vampire, born from unconventional means, will restore order by killing the entire vampire race. Seriously? The Monarchy fears this and wants Zee dead before she causes harm to the vampire race. Those who loved The Faeriewalker Series will love this just as much because it'll remind you of the Seelie and Unseelie Queens.

Zee escapes the Monarchy and finds refuge in the family of Noel, Lucas, and Jerome. Noel is such a lovely father, rich with love and virtue. The same virtues are passed on to his son, Lucas, who'll do everything he can to protect Zee. Others like Samira, Kinman, Nuwa, Uther, Lettie, and other more will also try to protect her against the wrath of the Monarchy, but they all have to pay the price. Will they stand against the strength and skill of the Monarchy's army? Will they survive? If the prophecy is true, will Zee exterminate the entire vampire race?

This slashing-beheading-burning-action-filled fiction will keep your hands and eyes gripped on your e-readers because you'll never want to miss what'll happen next! :) Is there a sequel? No news so far, but there should definitely be one! :]

Major Lessons Learned:

1. Don't let apathy destroy a country. 
Have you noticed that nowadays people become more and more apathetic towards the surroundings? A lady's picking up her fallen groceries and other people will simply pass through her as if she doesn't need help. There are times when an old lady or a pregnant woman enters a train, but no one stands and offer their sit. Other people tend to be blind about the crime they see. There are also instances that people throw their garbage on the streets because it's not their street. In every circumstance, people grow more and more apathetic and it's scary. 

I learned this from Zee and Noel. They risk their lives for people they hardly know not because they'll get any benefit from it, but they know that it is right and it is good. Remember that as long as we're able to help, let's go out and make a difference! :)

2. "Courage, my child, is not the absence of fear. It’s the triumph over fear. It’s how you handle yourself in these times, and these times are not for the weak of heart." -Nuwa
The quotation is self-explanatory. Whenever you face a mountain of problems, take heart. Muster all the courage and strength that you have and believe that God makes everything beautiful in His time. The world won't offer "sugar, spice, and everything nice." You have to be brave to face the world, but you can't do it alone. Surrender your fears to God and He will lead you every step of your journey in life. :)

3. You don't have to be dead (or a vampire) in order to see the beauty of God's Creation. God has given us the senses and intellect to behold the beauty before us. Appreciate everything around you before it's too late.
"wished I had my camera; there was so much life to capture. I wanted to touch everything."
"At least I had a life. I had a family. I was going to go to university and get married."

When Zee becomes a vampire, she admires everything she sees--people, nature, life--and hopes that she might experience them again. Don't wait until it's too late. Love your family. Love your friends. Love yourself. That's right. God has given us 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to marvel upon the beauty of God's Creation. Have you thank God for your life? your family? your friends? Thank God for every little or big blessing you have right now. Cherish them. Treasure them.

Enjoy reading! :) God bless you! ;)

laurice-with-love <3

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Unknown said...

Wow. That's an interesting book. Thanks for the review. I will add it to my list. :)

laurice-with-love said...

Ooohh! Add it! Add it! ^_^ I think you'll love it :) Oh btw, I just received Wynne's message and she said she's now working on Book 2! >,> Squeek. ^,^

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