Joy in the midst of Sickness

Hi! Sorry for being idle for the past few days. I spent my sembreak at St. Lukes Hospital from October 23-27. I was shopping for make-ups and make-up brushes (uhmm. yeah. I just realized that I need to have this stuff) last Tuesday with my mother when my brother-in-law called. He told me that my sister was rushed to the hospital a couple of hours earlier and will undergo an operation the day after! The doctor said that the intense pain that my sister felt was due to appendicitis. I didn't wait for the next day to visit. I immediately packed up my luggage bag and went to the hospital. There I spent my nights and days looking after my sister.

This is St. Lukes Hospital

See the couch? That's where I slept for 4 nights. :) It's okay though. :D

Praise God she had a successful operation! I also thank God because she was discharged last Saturday. I wasn't able to go home afterwards because I spent three more days in my sister's house. :) Although I didn't get to hang-out with my friends, to rest, or to go out last week, I feel more than blessed! :) There's no greater joy than to spend a whole week with my sister. It was just me and my sister...and of course, movies and books! :D 

Truly, Jesus Christ is our Healer! I saw my sister cry out of pain each night, but there is Power in the Name of JESUS. Just call unto the Name that is above any other name and you will witness great miracles! I called unto JESUS because I know that He can heal my sister. I thank and praise God because my sister's operation was successful and she had a quick recovery. She can now walk and stand! It was really quick! Praise be to God! All Glory to Jesus Christ! :D


If anyone of you or your loved ones is sick, just call unto Jesus. He is our healer. Nothing is impossible with our Lord Jesus! Please watch the video. It's a song entited HEALER by Kari Jobe. :) I pray that you'll encounter Jesus as you watch the video. I speak healing to everyone who is reading this post and to all your sick loved ones, in Jesus' Name! :) (please believe in the power of Jesus and say, AMEN).

'Til next time! :) God bless you more and more! :) 


Thandi Le'mana said...

aww that was thoughtful of you! know, i actually have tht song on my playlist! so phenominal & i listen to it wenever i feel down and it truly makes me feel som inner strength u kow :). its awesome!. ...did i say "Amen"

laurice-with-love said...

I thank God for this kind of songs! He reveals Himself through the message of the song. :) Let's continue to pray for the sick and to all who are affected by Hurricane Sandy. :) More blessings from God! ;)

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