Book Review: Auracle (5/5)


Title: Auracle
Author: Gina Rosati
Published: August 7, 2012
Publisher: Roaring Book Press
Format: E-book
Pages: 304
Type: Stand-alone
Bookshelves: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Read: October 26-28, 2012

What can I say?

I wonder how come this book only got a 4.08 rating when it is definitely a terrific one!

The story is cool because Anna, the protagonist, can astrally project out of her body! What's even cooler is that she can visit awesome places from different parts of the world without even paying her plane fare! She simply thinks of the place and *poof* she's there. She does it every time: while sleeping, during boring classes, and uhmmm, anytime she feels doing it. Good thing, she has Rei, her bestfriend of all time. Rei is the only person that knows about Anna's gift and he knew it since they were kids.

I love Rei! He's so protective of Anna in a good way. He plays the guitar. (Oh. LOVE.) Who wouldn't fall head over heels with a gorgeous guy who aces every exam, composes songs, plays the guitar, loves his best friends, and does his best to protect the love of his life? <3 *OUCH!* Ooops, sorry about that. I fell. Teeheehee! :))

Anna and Rei have another friend in the group: Seth. Unlike Rei, Seth is a carefree soul who doesn't bother much about his studies. All he wants is to be with cars, machines, and muscle building activities. Seth goes into trouble when Taylor, a mean-girl topnotcher, dies. Taylor is madly inlove with Seth, but Seth ignores her. He doesn't want to get involved in any of the troubles that accompanies Taylor. Unfortunately, his time comes.

Taylor steals Seth's phone and leaves a note in his locker that if he wants to get it back, he must meet her by the waterfalls at four in the afternoon. Anna and Rei offer to accompany him, but he insists to go there alone. Anna astrally projects out of her body and goes to the falls to check on Taylor and Seth. Meanwhile, Rei goes to his aikido class. Taylor tries to seduce Seth, but he does not give in. Taylor walks backward until she falls, but Seth catches her. He tries to save her, but nothing more can be done. She falls and dies.

Anna sees it all and when she returns to her body to tell Rei everything that happened, she can no longer get her body back. Someone is in her body. Taylor is in her body. She tries to hit Taylor, push her, and all other stuff, but she can't push Taylor out of her body.

Taylor wants revenge and she will use Anna's body to testify against Seth. Then Seth will be accused of the murder that he didn't commit. Taylor asks Rei that if he goes out with her, she will no longer testify against Seth. Anna will be left without her body...forever. Who will Rei choose? Anna, the love of his life? Or Seth, his best guy friend? Will Anna get her body? Or will Taylor forever haunt them?

I thought that this book is pretty typical. A girl can go out of her body. Someone takes her body. Fight. Fight. Fight. Then she gets it back. HAHAHA! :)) But I tell you guys, this book has a lot of cool twists to offer that you'll never expect! :) Congrats Gina Rosati! :) I enjoyed this book big time! :)

Hope you enjoy, too! :) God bless you! :)

laurice-with-love <3
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Thandi Le'mana said...

aww i love Rie too!..thats so so cute.
hope u didnt break a bone falling head over heels(or slippers..wateva u were wearing)for him...i love your fall leaves by the way. makes the blog warm & welcoming :)

laurice-with-love said...

Don't ya worry dear. Rei was there to catch me. :))) Oooops. Was I dreaming? Err. Can't remember. :))) trololol. :)) Wheee. I'm glad you liked the leaves! I tried it last night. It seems to blend with my background. :)

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