Book Review: Wanderlove


Title: Wanderlove
Published: March 13, 2012
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Format: Ebook
Pages: 335
Type: Stand-alone
Bookshelves: YA, Self-Reflection, Contemporary
Read: May 26- 27, 2012
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What can I say?

The moment I finished reading Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard I immediately Googled the places Bria and Rowen have been to. It's not the best of the best places in the world, but they're worth anyone's time, money, and presence. Kirsten knitted the story well enough that I felt like I was there myself! The story's unbelievably awesome! When I found out that MOST of the locations in Wanderlove exist, I checked Google once again for the travel expenses, hotels, etc. Who knows, a thrilling adventure might just be around the corner!

Bria, an 18 year old Californian young lady who used to love drawing, went with Global Vagabonds to explore Central America. She met her tour group, who were apparently not in her age group, when she arrived at the Guatemala Airport. Their group was supposed to follow their itinerary for three weeks, but her boring tour members made her vacation nothing less than a disappointment.

Fortunately, Rowan--the long haired backpacker hunk--came across her path in the Chichicastenango Mayan market. When someone stole Bria's camera, Rowan was just around the corner so he heard Bria's scream. He came over and appeased her frustration by inviting her for dinner at a guest house across Lake Atitlan

The "Most Beautiful Lake in the World:" Lake Atitlan
That was the start of the adventure Bria never thought she would experience. She got rid of her tour group and went with Rowan and her half-sister, Starling. Rowan and Starling were backpackers. Unlike Bria, Rowan and Starling have already traveled across a number of places. This time, they were heading to Laughingbird Caye, the place where Rowan works as an assistant diving instructor and the place that witnessed Rowan's horrid past.

Along the way, Bria saw glimpses of who Rowan was--or at least, is. However, Rowan would not say a single word about his past. All Bria knew was that: 

a) Rowan had a past that he is trying to forget; 
b) he made a serious mess out of his life; 
c) Bria's not his type; and that 
d) Starling begged her to take care of Rowan because they were heading to a place from his past.

Illustrated by Kirsten Hubbard

Sure Rowan had a past that he is trying to get over with, but so is Bria. Bria used all her savings to go on a trip far from home, far from her parents, far from her ex-boyfriend, far from the arts, and far from everything that caused her hurts and pains. She wanted to escape all the pain before moving on to college.

Would escaping their past heal their wounds? Would ignoring the past make the future any easier? Will Rowan and Bria accept each other despite their dreadful past? What's the best way to move on?

Wanderlove has all the answers to these questions. The book is full of insights that would make you reflect over your past and help you look forward to your future. It offers help on how one can deal with a painful past and how he can freely take a step forward towards tomorrow. The book also opens your senses to the paradise you have yet to see here on earth! It brings you to the adventure that will surely make an impact in your life! It's inspiring. It's funny. It's exciting!

Wanderlove is tops! It's the perfect book for summer! Enjoy reading! :">

Who knows, a thrilling adventure might just be around the corner! 
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