Book Review: The Night Circus


Title: The Night Circus
Author: Erin Morgenstern
Published: September 13, 2011
Publisher: Doubleday
Format: Paperback
Pages: 506
Type: Stand-alone
Bookshelves: YA Books, Paranormal Romance
Read: August 27-28, 2012

What can I say?


I finished The Night Circus a week ago, but I couldn't put my emotions and thoughts into writing. The book is just too amazing, too incredible, too indescribable, and too spectacular to put into words! *sigh*

First of all, Erin Morgenstern is a literary genius! :) The writing. The plot. The sequence. The characters. Aww. She's a genius. Have you watched Ladder 49 by Jay Russell? That man's a genius, too! The sequence they both did is not linear; it's cyclical. Ladder 49 starts with the present time and builds the movie with flashbacks, but The Night Circus is, should I say, a lot more confusing but fantastic. It's plot jumps from the present to the past to the present to the future to the present again and so on. Yeah, what a ride. Other readers find this setting difficult, but if you get to the end, you'll see how brilliant the plot is! It's like weaving many movements into one grand musical piece!

Second of all, she's truly a genius. :) Who among you dislikes third person? That would be me! Wait,  wait, I see more hands. Oh! You, too? Well, I have news for you all. The Night Circus is written in third person. Eeeek. Before you return this book back to your shelves, give me a minute to defend it. :) I assure you it won't bother you. :) Haha. Lame. :)) Besides, it's written in many POVs. You'll get confused if Erin used first person. :) 

Now, on to the story. It all started with Hector Bowen (a.k.a. Prospero the Enchanter) and Mr. A.H--'s (a.k.a. Alexander) little game. Since time immemorial, the two illusionists would have their proteges compete in a game. It's a game of power, endurance, and strength. And it won't stop until one protege dies. But unlike any other game, it's not a physical duel. They weren't trained to use their talent--which simply put is "magic"--to fight their opponent. Instead, they were to prove that their "magic" is way better and stronger than the other. In the previous game, Mr. A.H--'s protege won and it meant that his strategy was better than Hector's.

This time, Hector is convinced that he would win because Celia his daughter has innate talent for magic. He started giving Celia practical training at the age of 6. On the other hand, Mr. A.H-- got a 9-year old orphan and gave him theoretical training for years. After 12 years of training, the game began. Marco knew from the very beginning that Celia was his opponent, but Celia knew it only 8 years after the game started. 

The venue of the game was the circus. It was a magical circus, but it won't be as magical as it is without Celia and Marco. In fact, the circus will cease to exist if any of them dies. The circus was founded on Celia and Marco's magic. It was the venue where they displayed their power by building amazing tents and magical circus-features. Both Celia and Marco were amazed by each other's works. As the game lasts longer, the deeper their love for each other grows. The deeper their love, the more complicated the game becomes. 

Celia and Marco love each other deeply, but one has to die. The circus exists because of Celia and Marco. If one of them dies, the circus ceases to exist. If they both live, the game will never end. How will they end this endless battle? Will either Celia or Marco sacrifice himself/herself to end the game? But if they die, will Le Cirque des Rêves or the Circus of Dreams remain?

Journey to The Night Circus is a wonderful reading experience. <3 Erin Morgenstern weaves everything perfectly into place. :) 

Enjoy reading! :) God bless you! ;)

P.S. My biggest THAAAAANKS to my very good friend, Joane, who gave me this book as a birthday present! :)

laurice-with-love <3
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Delaney said...

AHHHHH!!! I loved this books!!! It's definitely speechless. It's so original and wonderful and just--ugh--wonderful and amazing and amazing and wonderful and yeah.

laurice-with-love said...

I agree with you! :D It's so original! I've never read anything like this before! :D

laurice-with-love said...

I highly recommend this book! :D

Davida said...

I have this on my "to read" shelf! I keep reading such aweomse reviews about it! I NEED to get to it soon! =)

laurice-with-love said...

You have to read it real soon! :D You'll fall head over heals for Night Circus. It's magical. :)

Ruby Ham :) said...

I loved this book so much. It was so descriptive and beautiful, the romance wasn't cliched and the circus had it's own haunting vibe. Please check out my review on my blog :)

laurice-with-love said...

I AGREE!!! :D This book is awesome! It's one of the best books I'll forever treasure in my bookshelf.:)

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