Point of Retreat: To Read or Not to Read (now)

Slammed (Slammed, #1)Point of Retreat (Slammed #2)


I finished SLAMMED recently and I have to say, it was...AMAZING! I wanted to read it so bad in paperback version so I went to the top bookstores in my country, but they ran out of stocks! O.O NO WAY. :'( Said I have to order overseas. :'( What should I do? What should I do??? :'(

Kindly help me! :'(

Should I read it first in e-pub version?...


Should I order abroad and wait for who knows how long?

Need heeeeelp. Thanks!! ^_______^ 

BTW, in any case you haven't read SLAMMED, please go put your laptops on sleep and rush to the nearest bookstore and buy one! ^____^ Thank me after you read it. :P HAHA! Kidding. ;)



Kylee McGowan said...

I'm in love with Colleen's writing. Slammed and POR are both amazing books. I think it honestly depends on what you want, I'd get it on e-pub and read it but will you still be able to get it later on in paperback? If not then I'd wait because I like having books I can actually put on my shelf. So glad to hear you enjoyed Slammed!

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